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          1. Gaomi City Yu Bird Shoes Co., Ltd.



            Shandong Gaomi Jade Bird Shoes was established in 1995 (formerly known as Dexing Bottom), located in the beautiful Shandong Peninsula, east of the famous tourist city of Qingdao, west of the world kite capital Weifang, only a few dozen from Qingdao Weifang Airport and Qingdao Port. Minutes from the Jiaoji Railway, Jiqing Expressway and Pingri Highway, it is an important transportation hub in the Jiaodong Peninsula.

            Our company is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of high, medium and low grade PU, PVC, TPR, rubber, assembly, plastic drop, EVA, rubber foam soles, with a construction area of 51,688 square meters. The company has first-class production equipment and professional Executive talents, perfect quality inspection system. The factory layout is reasonable, the facilities are complete, and the supporting facilities such as production, office, entertainment and life are complete. It is a garden-style standard factory. Companies adhere to the "quality of survival, reputation and development" business philosophy, has won the "quality trustworthy enterprise, civilized integrity enterprises, contracts and keep credibility of enterprises" and other honorary titles.

            Looking ahead, there is a long way to go. "Unity, forge ahead, pragmatism, innovation" is the spirit of the Jade Bird people's struggle, "first-class service, customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of the Jade Bird. Jade Bird people will adhere to the correct business philosophy, pursue a consistent pursuit, create a jade bird More brilliant tomorrow! Sincerely welcome people of insight from all walks of life to join, welcome to become a partner of jade bird shoes, the future winner.

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