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          1. eva鞋底批發


            ABOUT US
            Improving Product Quality and Creating Social Value!

            Shandong Gaomi Jade Bird Shoes was established in 1995, located in the beautiful Shandong Peninsula, east of the famous tourist city of Qingdao, west of the world kite capital Weifang, only a few minutes drive from Qingdao Weifang Airport and Qingdao Port, Jiaoji Railway, The Jiqing Expressway and the Pingri Highway run through the city and are an important transportation hub in the Jiaodong Peninsula.

            Our company is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of high, medium and low grade PU, PVC, TPR, rubber, assembly, plastic drop, EVA, rubber foam soles, with a construction area of 51,688 square meters. ......


            Built-up area


            Establishment time
            NEWS CENTER

            Traffic routes

            Company Address: No. 968, Changsheng West Street,

            Baicheng Town, Gaomi City, Shandong Province

            Phone: 0536-2535888

            Mobile: 18678051666

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